21 December 2022 IN Digital Marketing, Branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, Web Development

AI Marketing Tools Combination For Creative Marketers In 2023

AI Marketing Tools Combination to Create Content-generating Machine

Alright. The last post of 2022. And , it’s about AI. Specifically, a few tools I’ve been playing with over the last few weeks.

Imagine having a baby budget but being able to use AI to create 100+ pieces of creative in minutes.

Or starting at a blank screen trying to write copy but can’t think of anything clever until AI shoots over 30 headline ideas you can use or work off.

AI isn’t going to replace marketers.

It’s going to optimize the marketer.

So, we’re going to cover 5 AI marketing tools you can combine to create a content-generating machine.

But we’ll make it interesting.

We’re going to use these tools to sell a make-belief product: Creative Juices

We’re going to create:

  • Brand creative
  • Ads
  • Headlines and copy
  • Landing pages
  • Measure everything
  • optimized text copy

Utilizing AI is about selecting the right tools and there are many that are free or at low costs. With this in mind, below are ways to utilize AI tools to speed up the creation of content and hyperlinks to my favorites tools to help you start.

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1. FlairAI

We need branded assets. We don’t have time to schedule multiple photo shoots, or the budget. We’re staying lean.

So, we’re rolling with FlairAI. One product shot is all you need…

And in seconds (after you add some details) you have beautiful branded assets ready to use.

Perfect for social, ads, emails, and our landing pages.

2. JasperAI

Okay – next we need: Ad and landing page copy

It’s the end of the work week so there are not a lot of creative writing ideas left in the tank today. So we’ll use Jasper instead.

We’ll start with the starter plan since we are just focusing on short-form copy.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Select the ad template
  • Write the company name
  • Quick product description
  • Add the tone of voice
  • Hit generate


Beautifully written copy in seconds.

3. Sitekick AI

This is my favorite part – an AI-generated landing page

Recycle the same prompts as we wrote above to get started: company name and product description

Then go through the tabs and select the autogenerated copy that you think works best for the brand.

Not feeling any? Hit “generate more” as many times as you’d like for infinite iterations to find the perfect copy.

Do this for each section – Hero, Competitive advantages, CTA, and Testimonials.

Hit finish and see the preview of the landing page on the right.

Put the final touches on it by changing the main and accent colors with the quick select at the top.

Just like that, you have somewhere to send traffic.

4. Brand24

Last but not least, track your product’s marketing effectiveness

Your product’s live, so sit back and track the buzz around the web using Brand24 to view all the KPIs that matter to you in custom reporting.

Instantly access brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forms, and podcasts.

This AI tool automatically scraps the internet based on keywords related to your campaign.

You can tap right into what people are saying and interact with all your new customers no matter where they post.


5. Generate Questions to Use on Worksheets

If you’re a seller of educational materials, you’ll definitely be interested to know that there are tools that you can utilize to create questions you can be used on worksheets for children of all ages.

One of my favorites is TextOptimizer that is a tool you can use to analyse your website for the most popular questions or to create topics for worksheets.

Wrapping Up

To deliver on my promise

You now have

  • Brand creative thanks to Flair.ai
  • Ads with headlines and copy thanks to Jasper
  • Landing pages that capture emails thanks to Sitekick
  • A tool to measure everything thanks to Brand24

As you can see, AI tools can help you to create content quickly and easily. The tools and ideas mentioned here are just a small sampling of what’s possible with AI. Read ChatGPT: What is OpenAI Chat GPT, Its Uses and Limitations