17 November 2022 IN Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is Authoritative Traffic Mapping?

Authoritative Traffic

So in this CTR Manipulation post, what I’d like to discuss with you is authority traffic types, how you can send them. I’d also like to give you examples and we’ll also cover, cover other non authority traffic types. Now we’re the, the traffic comes from where it originates in a session and sessions we’ll talk about in the next post.

But where it originates. How it ends, how it begins. This is what dictates authority, traffic, and also helps with ranking. So let me go ahead and discuss this with you now. Let’s not waste any time. So first and foremost, I wanna share with you. Authoritative traffic and, and, and the different types first.

What is authority traffic, source and its types?

So for this example, what we did is we did, SEO consulting. We pulled in our top competitor. Again, it was this top competitor. Now inside of Traffic Analytics on Semrush, it may be different depending on the tool that you’re utilizing.  you’re gonna see these multiple different types of traffic that are being sent in. Now, as you can see, there’s direct, there’s referral, there’s search, there’s social and paid. Now, there is a couple key elements here when we’re talking about authoritative traffic.

Now authoritative traffic is going to originate, and it’s also more powerful when it originates. Authority source. Now, if we take a look and we deep dive into this, we have direct, So that’s somebody went to a URL bar in either the beginning of a session or in the middle of a session and typed in the URL and went to the site.

That’s a direct. Now, when we look at referral, this is what I often refer to as authority traffic. Now, there’s two kinds of referral traffic, right? There’s your referral traffic, that origin. At any old web website, right? So if,  we come over here to say Volt Studios right? Somebody, and we’re looking, let’s just find a link from somewhere that’s just, you know, anywhere.

Let’s say somebody found me on bubble life, right? not in an authority domain, but if somebody were to click on this particular link and come on over here to this particular page, this would be referral traffic, but it’s non authority referral traffic.

This would fall into the bucket of SemRush calls, just referral traffic now to get a, a more powerful understanding or get a power more powerful boost when we’re sending in our referral traffic. And much like every other aspect of this technique. We wanna make sure that we’re mimicking our competitors, but to get the competitive advantage that we’re looking for when we’re mapping out how much traffic descend in and from where we need to look.

Okay. How many people are direct Now that’s not what we’re generally looking at, but it’s good to have a baseline or a benchmark. But what we’re really seriously looking at is we wanna see our paid our. For this example, referral and search, which are the most powerful, but for referral traffic, for us to get that competitive advantage, instead of us sending just a a, a say traffic from bubble life, which would be counted as referral authority.

Traffic would come from the likes of, say we did a search and we landed on canada.ca. This is a DA 50 site. Somebody reads this article. It’s got a back link to my. It’s about me and it’s got a link on it. And it goes over to my site. This would be a referral AKA and authority traffic link. Now to get even more power or more, you know, authority, traffic.

We would also look at the likes of, say, Twitter. Twitter and Google, in my opinion, are very good friends. Traffic coming from Twitter. Would be considered social traffic, but it’s also authority traffic. Now, if we’re moving up the ranks for authoritative traffic, a better source of what I like is Google owned properties.

So for instance, YouTube, this is often a tactic of putting up posts and driving traffic to a particular web property for a boost in rankings. This is authoritative traffic. Now, again, if you take a look here, if we’re looking for more options or more ways to find this, if we go down here to Wikipedia page, all right.

This is authority traffic if inside of a session, and we’ll talk about that in the next post. If inside of a session we start the. Add an authoritative domain, and then we end with the best answer being the page that we wanna rank. This is authority traffic. We start a session, we do a search, we have a query.

Let’s do a quick example here. I do a search for SEO company toronto. SEO company toronto is the keyword that I wanna rank for, all right now if I can get something that’s linking to the page that I want, or any other asset that links to the page that I want. So I started a session. I have a clear browser, clear cookies, I start my session.

Right. I’m in the beginning of a session. Everything’s clear. I have a query. Google’s job is to answer queries, the best answer for a query, SEO consulting. I scroll down, I find an authoritative domain. I click it. I’m still in the same session. I go to the authority domain. And unled to another answer, right?

It’s still in the same session. I click it, I then go, Right? Let’s, let’s just follow this, this right here. Let’s say I have a query I wanna learn about click through rate manipulation, right? I have my query. Clean browser. I click on, I’m like, Okay, let’s say that I’m not at the top here. I click and I see Wikipedia.

I’m like, Ah, Wikipedia, they, they’re an authority domain. They have the answer. Now it’s all in the same session. I’m at authority domain. I click. I’m like, Okay, great. I see this post. This is wonder. . I find this post I’m looking through here and I see that there’s a link. I’m in the same session. I click on it, right?

I’m inside of here. I’m going through here. I look all over I Then what do I do? I click through. And then I end the session. That’s authority traffic. Okay. That compared if we’re looking at these other aspects here. Let’s take a look back over here.

Now, that type of traffic, authority, traffic, that process that we just went through, if you start and end a session starting with an A. And with the best answer in the same session, that’s a powerful signal. That’s authoritative traffic that is completely different than direct traffic and search traffic, social traffic, and paid traffic.

That’s a whole different animal. Authoritative traffic. So when we’re mapping out our authority, More so all of our traffic. When we’re mapping it out, we wanna look at the primary competitors, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 1, 2, 3, or just one. If you’re being, you know, maybe a little lazy, right? Who knows. But what I’m looking at here is how much authority traffic are they getting?

Because I want a more powerful boost. I want you to have a more powerful boost. So whatever their referral traffic is, we’re gonna not send just referral traffic. I’m sending authority, referral traffic authority, traffic. Aside from that, I’m looking at search. So how many people are looking for my keyword, my primary keyword?

I wanna rank my variations, my LSI phrases, and my brand name. How many of these searches, how many times is am I the best answer from a search query? All right, so these are the two. This is traffic mapping out your traffic and authority traffic all in a nutshell. I look forward to seeing you In the next post.