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ChatGPT: What is OpenAI Chat GPT, Its Uses and Limitations

The AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT launched this past week, and it has been met with a mix of praise and concern. Developed by OpenAI, the chatbot can be programmed to show you how to set up your own website. The chatbot has also exhibited some problems.

What is ChatGPT?

The chatbot uses a conversational style to simulate human conversation as much as possible. It’s built from the ground up so it can almost entirely interact with humans in this  natural way. There’s been a ton of mentions about the new AI chat, ChatGPT, all over the internet since Sam Altman, CEO of YCombinator, dropped it on November 30.

The app is the third update to their initial GPT idea, which allows users to communicate with the robot using detailed and natural dialogue as if they were speaking to a real human being.

openai has created ChatGPT, a chatbot that engages in conversational mode. The dialogue format allows ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect assumptions, and reject inappropriate requests.

OpenGPT is not the first popular artificial intelligence from OpenAI to gain popularity. DALL-E, a machine that could create images from basic written instructions, became popular in 2021. DALL-E highlighted advancements in artificial intelligence’s ability to learn in humanlike ways. However, that version of the AI and another one called DALL-E 2 came under fire for their racial and gender bias.

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openai has created ChatGPT

What is Chat GPT’s Playground?

ChatGPT employs a question-and-answer tool which gives detailed responses to questions from the general public. This has been very popular, and the site is going viral because of it.Using dialogue allows you to ask follow up questions. Other lifelike features are that the dialog accepts mistakes and rejects inappropriate requests.

ChatGPT offers an improvement by limiting the potentially dangerous items it generates.

How do you use it?

ChatGPT’s Playground is free to use:

  1. Visit the official website here
  2. Create an account
  3. Select “for personal use”
  4. Choose the feature you desire – for a conversation, click Q&A
  5. Click Open in Playground
  6. Type in your questions next to Q:
  7. Click submit and wait for the answer to appear – it might take a few seconds

ChatGPT’s Playground

Are chatbots like ChatGPT safe?

While Samczsun, a research partner and head of security at Paradigm, a financial institution that backs crypto and Web3 businesses, said he used basic chatbot tricks to get past the content filter. In one tweet, he showed evidence purportedly demonstrating he convinced the bot to teach him how to make a Molotov cocktail.

According to NBC News, this image has been verified as genuine by other spokespeople at Paradigm.

When people test how AI bots can filter content, they pose tough questions like what type of bomb they should make and how to hot-wire cars. In some cases, a bot has actually told them how to make a nuclear bomb.

OpenAI says that even though their ChatGPT technology responds to dangerous requests, they can’t promise that it will be perfect.

ChatGPT: Optimizing
Language Models
for Dialogue

Key Facts

An AI-powered chatbot was made available to the public on November 30th via OpenAI’s website. While there are some reviews still in the research phase, users can sign up and test the bot for free at this time.

ChatGPT is trained to keep up with a message and provide detailed responses. It can even answer follow-up questions and admit when it makes mistakes.

ChatGPT has shown promise in the area of generating complex Python code when provided with a prompt, boosting concerns that such technology will eventually replace jobs currently held by journalists or programmers.

While there are some things the program does well, like not giving biased answers and giving relatively high quality knowledge bases, it also has some major limitations. For one, it’s database is only available until 2021.

It also has a tendency to give you incorrect responses sometimes, and when asked the same question slightly differently, the bot will always answer differently.

Elon Musk said he found out OpenAI was accessing Twitter’s database to train ChatGPT, so he put an immediate pause on it because OpenAI is no longer a non-profit or open-sourced entity. Going forward, it should pay for this information.


ChatGPT sometimes produces responses that are plausible but incorrect or nonsensical. This is a major problem, as some people will think they have a real answer and do whatever it says.

A problem with RL is there’s currently no source of truth

When the model is trained to be more cautious, it starts to decline questions that it can answer correctly.

You tell your machine what to do, then it learns on its own, and you see it change over time.

ChatGPT is clever enough to provide different answers based on tweaks in the input. For example, you might phrase your question one way, but it’ll be answered differently if you slightly rephrase it.

This model was created by OpenAI and relies on language-learning principles to inform the content of the message. Issues with this model arise from biases found in the training data and are a result of overuse and misuse.

Ideally, the model would ask clarifying questions when the user provided an ambiguous query. Instead, our current models usually guess what the user intended by interpreting the ambiguous declaration.

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