Internal Linking

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What Is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is a technique that allows you to use the same URL to link to different pages on your website. An internal link is made when you place a hyperlink in the text of a page or article and tell it to point to another page, article or web page.

Internal links are useful for increasing the number of backlinks from one page to another and for providing additional information about a topic on the site. Search engines discover new pages by following links. When you create internal links, you’re telling the search engine which pages on your site are related to each other and should be included in a user’s search results.

An internal link is a text or graphic that connects one web page to another on the same website. When people search for something specific, they often want to find pages related to what they’re searching for — so they click on those links.

Internal linking can be an incredibly powerful tool for SEO because it creates more opportunities for your site to appear in search results and drive more traffic back to your site and improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)..

But you also need to make sure you’re using it correctly so you don’t confuse users or hurt your rankings.