SERPs [search engine results pages]

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What is SERPs [search engine results pages]?

SERPS is the search results page that opens up after a user performs a search operation for any query in search engine like google, yahoo, baidu, duckduckgo or bing.


There are a number of different features that can appear on a SERP, and each one can have a different impact on your website’s visibility. Here are some of the most common SERP features:

1. Paid Ads: These are the ads that appear at the top of the SERP, and they are clearly marked as ads. In order to appear in these results, you will need to pay for advertising space

.2. Maps and Local Listings: If you have a local business, then you may appear in the map listing that appears for certain searches. These listings often appear before the organic results, so it is important to make sure your listing is accurate and up-to-date

3. Featured Snippets: Featured snippets are brief answers to searchers’ questions that appear at the top of the SERP. They are pulled from websites that Google deems to be a reliable source of information.

4. Knowledge Graphs: Knowledge graphs are boxes of information that appear on the right side of the SERP. They provide searchers with quick facts about people, places, or things

5. Images: Depending on the search query, there may be a carousel of images at the top of the SERP

6. Videos: Like images, videos can also appear in their own carousel on the SERP