Spark: The emotional touch that grabs a hold of your target market, creating long-lasting relationships between your business and your customers. Our name says it all. We like to bring a little spark to your website and online marketing. But it’s not just about flashy images. The spark you get from Volt Studios goes deep: we hit the emotional core, connecting with customers in new and exciting ways. The power of emotion in marketing cannot be overstated. When we get people to feel something about your business, it becomes more than a product or service: it becomes an experience. Volt Studios got together in 2012 in our hometown of Brampton, Ontario. Since then, we’ve been bringing life to branding, logo & web design, and web development. We’d love to help you bring the spark to your company, too.

We’re artists, but that doesn’t mean we don’t follow a proven system. Here’s a look at how we do things when we design, develop, brand or do online marketing.

First, we tackle the research. We look into competitors and see what you’ve been doing. Once we know how to approach the project, we move on to Step #2.


We don’t want to run ahead of you. Once we agree on a strategy, we’ll develop some ideas for you to look over. If you’re happy with what we have, we design it.

This stage is where the fun begins. You’ll get to see the ideas we’ve developed turn into real, visible images. Once again, you’ll have the opportunity to review our work.


After we see that you like what we have (and we know you will), we’ll start polishing your designs to their full potential, taking your beautiful design and making it spark.

Once the design work is complete, we move on to finalizing everything. We code your website, set up your online ads, and wrap up your new materials


Repeat. Good digital design is constant digital design. We’ll keep you up-to-date with new information and ideas while analyzing your success to grow your business furthe

Why Work with Us?

We’ve been in Toronto’s web development market for 2 years. We’ve seen work that sparked, and work that didn’t. With that wisdom, we can create the right website for any company. And thanks to our variety of team members, we have the resources to explore every option such as branding, marketing and deliver the best one to you.
We wake up every morning and head straight for our studio. After hours, we talk about new website ideas, new design schemes, new branding possibilities. It isn’t just our work — it’s our lives. We’re passionate about what we do, and we think it shows. You work hard. You deserve a web company that will work hard for you.
It’s not enough for us to make beautiful websites — we won’t stop working until you have the function, beauty, and results you need. Web design is an art, but it’s a business as well. When you invest in our services, we want to be sure you get the ROI you expect. That understanding of business is what truly sets us apart.r
Volt Studios is one of Brampton's most experienced web design companies. We can service clients throughout the GTA or the whole world and take pride in creating bespoke, innovative designs for our clients. Usability is the core of our web design work, influencing shape and structure, color and style. We have the natural skills to develop catchy websites.