24 August 2022 IN Local Marketing

Google Business Profile Optimization 2023 – How To Guide

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is a critical step in establishing your online presence of your business based in Canada and highlight it as an authority in your local industry.

With more than 90% of local searches now taking place on mobile devices, Google business profile GBP has become the go-to platform for local business owners looking to engage with consumers and drive traffic to their websites from google canada , google maps canada.

Google Business Profile makes it easy for you to promote your products and services, communicate with customers and provide information about hours of operation, rates, contact options and other important details about the business.

In this article, you’ll learn How To Optimize optimize google my business Canada in 2022, how to update your business information, enhance your online presence, and discover how and when potential customers are interacting with your local google maps business listing.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to make updates to your Business Profile on Google.ca
  • How to use photos and reviews to enhance your profile
  • The ways you can use Insights to track customer interaction

Lets dig in,

Firstly, you must be aware of the importance of GBP

how to optimize google business profile

1. Your Google Business Profile is a valuable tool for local search optimization.

2. Optimize your business profile on Google.ca to improve your local visibility and enhance your organic traffic.

3. Improve your website ranking in Google to attract more visitors and boost conversions.

The first step to optimizing your Google business listing is to make sure it’s complete. You must include all relevant details about your business — including:

  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Website address
  • Social media links (if applicable)

Calculate the total number of words in your description by adding up the length of each sentence in your description. Ideally, you should keep this number under 150 words.

How to optimize google business profile?

You’ve been using Google My Business to manage the business information for your small sporting goods store and you’re ready to take your profile to the next level. You really want to reach as many potential customers as you can. What can you do to optimize your profile?

Keep business information up to date

You want to make sure you have accurate information available to potential customers. You won’t have as much success bringing in new customers if your profile is out of date.

Enhance your profile

There are a number of things you can do to get the most out of your profile, especially when it comes to reviews and searches. Adding photos and responding to reviews can really help your business stand out online.

Use Insights

Insights is a powerful tool for tracking your customers’ actions to see how they interact with your business. You can use the data in /insights to inform your decisions about making changes to your profile or updating your advertisements.

Christy Shows John, How to optimize local business google business profile?

Christy and John own a small music supply shop in Toronto, Ontario. Typically, Christy is responsible for managing their online presence, but it’s best if they both know how to use Google My Business.

Let’s follow along as Christy shows John the ropes.

Update your profile in Google My Business

Christy knows that it’s important to keep their business information up to date in their profile. So she quickly shows John how to update it.

 Use photos for optimizing google my business profile

OK, John, I added you as an owner to our account. Now you have full administrative privileges. Let’s get to work! The first thing we want to do is check our profile to make sure the information is up to date.

Hmmm…It looks like we haven’t updated our business hours or our address since we moved. Let’s do that now. We want our customers to be able to find us! OK, it looks like all of our other information is accurate so we can save our changes.

Great! All of our edits were accepted. They should show up pretty quickly in Google, if we’ve done everything right. Sometimes our edits could be flagged as pending or unaccepted if Google thinks they are inaccurate. If that happens, you just have to go in, review, and update the information.

Use photos to enhance your profile

Use photos to enhance your google-business-profile

Once Christy is done showing John how to update their information, she explains how they can use photos to make their profile stand out and engage their customers. Christy knows how important this is so she spends a bit of time going over it with John.

See how these photos appear on the screen? I added those to highlight some of our best-selling products, and it worked! Last week, a customer came in looking for a specific item because she had seen a photo of it in our profile. So, we really need to make sure we keep adding them. In fact, I think we should add a few more today.

The more photos we add, the more our business will stand out online! This might help to increase our ranking in search. With an improved ranking, our profile is more likely to show up ahead of other profile. So, we want to make sure we keep adding all of these great photos!

Use reviews to engage customers

Use reviews to engage customers on your google business profile

OK, let’s check our customer reviews next. Customer reviews aren’t just a great way for us to get feedback. We can use them to stand out from our competitors and show our customers what we have to offer. We can also use them to engage with our customers. They’re pretty important!

First, I like to read through all of the new reviews and see what our customers are saying. Look! This customer left a really positive review about our customer service. Since it’s a positive review, you might think you don’t need to do anything. But, I like to respond to the review. It shows our customers we appreciate their feedback. So, I’ll quickly type a thank you message.

Hmmm…it looks like this review isn’t quite as positive as the last one. The customer wasn’t happy with our selection of sheet music. Well, luckily we can respond to this review. We want to let our customers know that we take their concerns seriously. Responding to negative reviews is a great way to address the concerns of an upset customer and show potential customers that we appreciate feedback. Here, let me quickly respond and let the customer know we’ll look into adding some new sheet music and thank them for letting us know about their concerns.


OK, we went through all of the new reviews and replied to them. It’s really important to stay on top of these. We should also remind our customers to leave us reviews and share the link with them so they can do so quickly and easily. We want to show our customers that we value them and what they have to say. Let’s plan on checking the reviews every week.

Use Insights to track customer interaction

Christy wants to know more about their customers and how they’re interacting with them online. She thinks this information will help them improve their profile and make decisions about new products, special promotions, and advertising. So, she shows John how to use Insights to review the data.


What Kind Of Info Can We Get From Insights

We can get a lot of information about how our customers are interacting with our profile through Insights. We can track all different kinds of actions, including how our customers searched for us, how many calls we received, the number of requests for directions, how many customers visited our website, and how many clicked on our photos. So, we’ll want to make sure we check our reports regularly.

optimize local business google business profile

We can look at general information, or we can tailor the reports to get specific information about how and when our customers interacted with our profile. I want to see how many customers viewed our website from our profile, so I’m going to select that option for our report.

google my business profile picture optimal size

I’m also curious how many of our customers are viewing the photos we added. Since we want to start adding photos of upcoming promos, I want to make sure people are actually clicking on them. Let’s look at the data for photo views. We can also see which days the photos were viewed the most, which will help us decide when we want to post new photos each week.

 local google my business profile optimization 2022

Another great feature is the option to bulk export location insights for our locations. I know we don’t really need that feature right now because we only have one location, but it will be really helpful when we open our second store later this year.

google business profile

We have a lot of options when it comes to reports in Insights. As we need information, we can filter the data to show us specific action information or we can look at general numbers when we need a basic overview of customer interactions. It will be a great tool to use moving forward!

Make it stick

So, now you know how to update your Business Profile on Google and the importance of enhancing your profile to keep your customers engaged. Before you start using it for your own business, let’s do a quick review.

You are running a special promotion at your sporting goods store and you want to make sure your customers know about it. What are the ways you can optimize and use your Business Profile on Google?